38 year old googling how to make bracelets out of rubber bands!

Well nothing to explain here! The title says it all! My 5year old and my 4 year old woke me up this morning, to the need of having mommy google videos of how to make bracelets out of little rubber bands! I’m feeling pretty proud and they think I’m really cool 😄 now trying to figure out how to close them! My coffee is getting cold though and my sanity…. Well that went out the door a veeeeery long time ago! Good day everyone!

An update!

Just a little update on a post I wrote earlier. The one where my little angel tackled me in front of all the other parents, while I was waiting to pick her up, which resulted in me falling flat on my bottom and all the other parents staring and judging me! Reading it now, I feel like the me who wrote it, is not the me reading it! I know it wasn’t fun at the time but it is funny when I look back at it now! I sat with a few other mommies the next day and as I was telling them what happened, I laughed so hard, I cried! Thank god for mom friends and thank god for a little sense of humor that is helping me hold on to my sanity!

Mommy overboard!

Did a little shopping today, before picking up my girls from preschool. Picked up a gift for my friend’s newborn baby boy. I was feeling good today, very together and confident, which is very rare with all the chaos around me. So I’m picking up my girls, I feel all warm when I see their little faces light up as they see me waiting for them. I go down on my knees, to give them a hug and then it happened!! My four year old thought the present I was carrying was for her. When I explained that it wasn’t, she yelled and pushed me so hard, I fell on my back. Felt tremendous pain in my back and arms. Someone came to help me up and asked me if I had fainted? I looked around, the teachers were pointing and whispering, a father standing next to me looked away, I think the whole situation made him feel uncomfortable. I picked myself up and whatever dignity I had left and walked out, with two kids screaming and crying behind me. Upon reaching home, she was given a time out, she apologized and acknowledged that what she had done was wrong. However I can’t shake these feelings I’m having. Am I a failure at parenting? Is it this hard for other parents also? Not feeling very confident anymore :(

Stuff my 3 year old said!

I have two daughters, my youngest, the 3 year old, always comes up with these funny and smart things, here are a few of her sayings!

-she wanted something of the high shelf, I say I can’t get it, I’m not tall enough! She yells, well why don’t you eat more, so you can grow more and get it for me!

-she kicked a car as we were walking the other day. I said to her that’s not a nice thing to do! She says, well it’s not nice to put the car on the sidewalk, where are we supposed to walk! Well apparently my three year old is smarter than the that idiot with the driver’s license.

- Our neighbors are renovating, so there’s a lot of work going on around us, a lot of noise, a lot of dust and a lot of drilling. So my little girls have been asking me daily of what’s going on and I explained to them that our neighbors are fixing their home, they don’t like what their home currently looks like and they’d like to put in some new stuff. So she decides that she doesn’t like our home and she would like to take everything apart and put new floors, new beds, new furniture and she requested that since the white walls were not nice at all, that she would like to make new walls with Barney and Hello kitty everywhere on them and she would like to invite all her friends over so that they can see her new home. There’s a lot of crying at our home now, every day she asks me when I’m going to start renovating!

Hubba hubba who?

This complete stranger “hubba hubbed” me, on my way to the grocery store today. I walked away looking annoyed but what I wanted to do was give this guy a firm handshake, look deeply into his eyes and say thank you! Lately I’ve been feeling invisible! Is it the two little girls glued to my waist? Is it the “I haven’t had time to wash my hair lately” hairstyle? Is it my pants that are either too tight to breath in or too loose that I have to pull them up as I’m walking down the street? My husband swears that I am as attractive as I was the day we met but I think I scare him to say otherwise! Nevertheless Thank you complete stranger for the “hubba hubba” today :)

Butt out!!!

There is a lot of construction work going around my area. That’s what I get for living in the city. So yesterday as I was going to get the car with the girls, I had to walk on the street because they were working on the sidewalk. A very rude driver zooms next to my daughter, almost running her over! I hug her close to me. If that wasn’t traumatizing enough for me and my little girls, then the construction workers start yelling at me, shouting that I almost killed my daughter, did it! I just walked away, while they continue shouting “did u see that?” “She doesn’t care about her daughter?” “She almost killed her daughter?” I don’t get it! Where am I supposed to walk? Or am I supposed to fly over them? Who gave strangers the right to butt into my life? Since I had kids, people will stop me on the street and criticize what the girls are wearing, why they are crying, or why they are fighting? Well to all those people I say “Butt out!!!” Us moms with kids, trying to get somewhere don’t need or want your opinion! Is it me having a bad day or are people becoming nosy and have forgotten how stressful it is to be a parent! Because of that scene I ended up have a terrible and stressed out day!

Got lice? Part 2!

Got my girls cleared for school and like the naive and honest parent I am, as I’m dropping my girls off at school, I drop by the principal’s office to inform them. Instead of getting a thank you, I get attacked by the principle. She became very defensive and said the school nurse passes by all the preschoolers and checks their hair weekly. I told her, well your school nurse missed my child and we all got infected at home! I’m not accusing anyone, my child might have given it some other kid before the holidays and I’m just telling you, not accusing you of deliberately placing the lice in my girl’s hair! On the brighter side, our home is lice free now and I’m a happy and less neurotic mom now!

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